The system functions

The system we have to offer is equipped with the following features:

a) Marking vehicle locations with information about its status

b) Highlighting travelled routes, simultaneously giving information about fuel consumption, average speed, incidents of exceeding the speed limit, stoppage, etc.

c) Automatic alarm activation and displaying appropriate messages in such cases as when:

– the vehicle leaves the designated route-mapping

– the vehicle leaves a permitted area, or enterers a forbidden one

– satellites lose contact with the localization device within the vehicle

– the driver exceeds the speed limit

– the object start to move despite an active stoppage being executed (inactive engine)

d) Mobile access to devices connected to the localization device (e.g. vehicle lights)

e) Automatic sending of sms’s to chosen people after an alarm activation

f) Creating object groups and their comfortable management

g) Automatic archiving all the data, creating databases which can be accessed and controlled with ease

h) Assigning users different levels of access to the programs functions, with the possibility of monitoring them .