Our offer

We address our offer towards all interested in acquiring geolocation services, but particularly to two groups of clients:

– Companies and corporations In possession of their own fleet of vehicle, for which our system could be used to enhance efficient managing and effective use of the owned vehicles. (SURVEILLANCE offer)
– Private persons, who wish to use the localization system as a vehicle anti-theft precaution. (SHIELD offer)



Our system enables the surveillance of all vehicles in real-time, online. This allows necessary data to be collected for a comprehensive evaluation of the whole vehicle fleet, as well as individual vehicles. In addition, to meet the expectations of our customers, we enriched our system by adding a module that creates and supports databases of employed drivers.

The data is accessible from anywhere all you need is a computer with Internet access. All collected data is updated every few seconds, in order to provide you with reliable and precise data on each of the vehicles.

Additional amenities are: the ability to visualize objects and their movement directly on the map, and also a special base used to generate reports necessary for summaries, balance sheets, and performance evaluation.



Probably every car owner dreams of a situation in which their vehicle is protected against theft. To meet these dreams, we offer Private customers localization devices set up in their cars, so that at any time they will be able to determine where their vehicle is. In case of theft, knowledge of the vehicles location, allows our company to take immediate action in cooperation with public services such as the police (in the country) and Interpol (abroad).

An additional advantage of this approach is the ability to track location, route and position of the vehicle whenever someone else is using it(spouse, son / daughter, etc..).