Localizing device

How it works

The devices used by our company allow free preview of the vehicle position, as well as insight into all the parameters associated with driving. You can do this in two ways – by using a Web server, or with the help of specialized software provided by our company. The obtained data includes: current vehicle coordinates (GPS location), as well as information on the speed of combustion, ignition status (engine on / off). Displaying the vehicle position using both maps and satellite images is also possible and done with ease.


The data

Regular data updates every few seconds allow a real-time GPS vehicle tracking, as well as dynamic management. This is possible because the position of the vehicle, as well as information concerning its movement, is continuously displayed on the map. Of course, all the data is automatically saved, so it is possible, at any time to reproduce any part of the route, or check the parameters associated with a given time interval, or even a particular moment.



Usage of these services involves paying a regular subscription, which consists of base station maintenance, as also meeting the GSM operators prices of SIM chip-cards placed on the vehicles and the data sent between the devices and the base.



System installation is possible at any authorized service center, as well as at any place indicated by the client, with the prior agreement of detail and the analysis of the technical conditions of the place proposed by the Client.